5 Ways To Manage Brain Fog

Managing brain fog isn’t easy but here are a few ways in which I try to deal with it.


I don’t go anywhere without pen and paper! During moments of brain fog, I can’t trust or rely on my brain to remember. Writing things down is a must, I fail to remember key events or important information otherwise. A notes page on your phone is also handy but physically writing with a pen, helps stimulate my brain and eases the fog a little.


Brain fog can be a sign that you’re overdoing it, you’re exhausted and your brain is struggling to keep up,(Unfortunately for those of us who have sleep conditions this is a constant).

BUT, to relieve and ease the symptoms I try to go for a nap. When things start to feel fuzzy the best remedy is to take a break. 30 minutes or so, just a quick rest.


Both brain and body need exercising. I like to challenge my brain during foggy moments. I find doing a sudoku, or stimulating my brain with a small puzzle or physical activity helps me snap out of the fog.

Exercise causes the release of helpful chemical messengers that rejuvenate the brain. So try to do some form of exercise!

NB: This also helps improve sleep hygiene!


Clear your desk space, turn your notifications off, remove all ‘background noise’. Distractions overwhelm me and rob me of any productive energy I might have left. Brain fog requires me to spend more time and energy trying to get into the right headspace needed to be productive and complete whatever task I’ve started. So help yourself by removing all distractions!

I am hypersensitive to noise so I find having headphones in and ‘zoning out’ from whatever is going on around me, really helps.


I am a nightmare when it comes to drinking water, rarely ever meeting the daily recommended number of glasses. BUT, I’ve noticed a significant difference since being more proactive when it comes to staying hydrated; less headaches and improved concentration.

Water is super important for cognitive function. When you’re dehydrated your brain can actually shrink in size, causing mood swings, memory issues and can be the reason why you are feeling so foggy!

TIP: Treat yourself to a new water bottle, and set reminders on your phone to drink more! I use an app called Tally to track my daily habits.

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