Living with Idiopathic Hypersomnia can be challenging but with a positive mindset and a few lifestyle changes I have reached the point where by sleepiness barely affects me. I haven’t posted in what feels like years but I have been setting up by own business. Originally I was running my small business alongside a full time managerial job in hospitality as you can imagine working all day and then late into the night wasn’t ideal. So I took the plunge, left my job to pursue my dream of running my own business,

Please check out my site, there lots of lovely handmade gifts.

FEstive gifts

Handmade reusable fabric bag for gifts, perfect for friends and family!
These friendly and sustainable fabric gift bags are lovingly handmade by me. My favourite and best seller is the bag featured on the left. Red Gnome Print canvas fabric makes for a real Christmas treat. Adds to your festive decor and makes Christmas gifts more exciting.

Adorable bunny gift bags

Cute handmade Bunny Easter drawstring bag with pom pom tails! Ideal gift for Easter, to fill with little chocolate eggs and treats! Can be used for other occasions such as baby showers or as a gift bag. 

& So much more!

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